Zan Dara is an exploration of memory and life experiences seen through the mind and eyes of a star in her twilight years. Loosely drawing inspiration from the Greek myth about vanity, Narcissus, the film examines remembrances of beauty, joy and pain associated with a life in front of the camera. Zan Dara unfolds through the multiple perspectives of its star, 1952 Miss Stockholm and former Vogue top model and actress Gita Hall in addition to the magnetic Martina Vassileva in the supporting role.


The film was commissioned for Diane Pernet and Franca Sozzani’s Italian Vogue 1 Minute Light Series, held in Milan in 2010. As epitomized in the credits’ final shot,¬†Griffin challenges established standards of beauty by casting a mature female model in the leading role. This has since become a common practice in the fashion and beauty industry.


Zan Dara was selected for the 2011 readers’ favorite fashion film short list by popular vote on Italian Vogue’s website.


Director and Producer Griffin
Starring Gita Hall and Martina Vassileva
Executive Producer Naoko Tokage
Stylist Laura Duncan
Make Up Sharon Gault
Hair Benjamin Mohapi
Editor Andrew Leggett
Casting Camilla Arthur Casting
Color Correction Sean Coleman at Company 3
Titles Masha Nova
Special Thanks Diane Pernet, Sara Maino, and Franca Sozzani

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